18 May 2018

Project5 - the new project management tool

After many litres of tea, coffee and countless hours of coding, Project5 is finally ready for the beta.

What is Project5?

Project5 is a project management and team communication tool, delivered as Software as a Service to you, the potential (or existing) customer. You can think of Basecamp or Slack of the products that are geared to do similar tasks. Obviously, there are some things done differently, otherwise, what would be the point?

Going forward, the intent is to create a whole suite of business tools that can be bought from our App Store. What is launched now is just the start and will serve as the basis for everything else that is to come.

The pricing is going to be competitive and friendly even to the smallest of businesses. In fact, one philosophy has been to be competitive in every front, be it user interface, features or pricing. So, unless something drastic happens, that is something you can expect.


One feature that’s sets us apart from the competition, at this point, is security. More specifically, all your private/important data is encrypted with your own key (password), which means that only you can access your data. Even we can’t access it.

Other features that you will get at his point are:

  • Social feed
  • Chat
  • Tasks
  • Files
  • Calendar

Features, in the future

Next on the line will be:

  • Integration with Twitter and Facebook
  • Customizable database, with a handy interface and an API
  • Version control (Git)
  • Document editing
  • Perhaps: customer support features (live chat etc.) and company wide email

About the security

As said, one feature that sets us apart from the rest, at this point, is security. In more detail, what this means is this:

There is no “forgot your password?” feature. This can be seen as a drawback, but since we can’t access your true data, we can’t reset your password either. There will be, though, a feature for automatic backups into some 3rd party cloud provider and you will be able to export your data locally as well.

Your data is encrypted when it enters the database. This means that it is not encrypted in the client, but at the server side. I admit, that it would be even better, if the data was encrypted in the client, but due to some technical limitations, it is done at the server side at the moment. Obviously the data is still encrypted in-transit as well with https (SSL), but the actual encryption with your private key happens on the server. This is still, in my opinion, a lot better than not encrypting your data with your private key.

In beta, feedback appreciated

At this point, as we are in beta, there is no price, and your feedback will be hugely appreciated. You can leave feedback in our forums.