03 Jul 2013

Hello, world!

A new site, a new look, a new blog!

Site is made with kerouac, which seems like a nice static site generator. Tried a few different ones but settled on this as its configuration seemed quite simple. It is quite new, and may still require some more features. But it’s simple, and straightforward.

I published one kerouac plugin, kerouac-blog-index, which creates an index page of the blog posts. Yes, the basic blog plugin didn’t create an index, so I made this.

This site is hosted on gh-pages and the build process from kerouac code/data to the real site is done with wercker.

I will be informing here on new software that I have been making. Stay tuned…

Update on 2013-10-16

Moved to Jekyll. Had a problem with Kerouac, and didn’t want to fix that myself, so went the easier way with Jekyll. Also I don’t need an external build tool (like wercker) with Jekyll since building done by GitHub. I lose some flexibility though. Also, prose.io is used as an editor.