27 Feb 2017

Start! update: 2.0 published

Finally, there’s a long overdue update for the Chrome start page “Start!”. Apologies for it taking so long.

It’s generally updated all over, some little features may have been removed that were more of a distraction in my opinion, and some features are added. One nice feature was that it now fetches the icons automatically, and for this it requires more permissions. Nothing to worry about the permissions, it still won’t bite.

Here’s the link. I’m switching back to this extension myself, after using the default Chrome start page for a while. So should you, probably.

If something got broken, or you have any feedback, please tell below.

Update Ok, so there was an issue with icon size. It’s fixed in 2.0.1, should update in browsers in an hour. If the icon size issue persists, please tell below.

Update The new version didn’t work for a number of people, so I’ll bring the old one back. Not a good idea to make big changes into a start page, just like that – lesson learned. So there will be a totally new extension, separate from this, and this oild one stays like it is.