• Tea shop - Hopeinen tee

    27 Jun 2018

    I created another project – it’s a tea shop. Named Hopeinen tee.

  • Project5 - the new project management tool

    18 May 2018

    After many litres (gallons, if you prefer) of tea, coffee and countless hours of coding, Project5 is finally ready for the beta.

  • Start! 2 - a new Chrome start page extension

    01 Mar 2017

    After the unsuccesful update of Start! (version 1) there is now a totally new, separate from the old, start page extension: Start! 2.

  • Facebook Real Time Updates

    23 Feb 2015

    Facebook’s Graph API is such a big mess^H complicated process that after having tackled it down I’m compelled to write this post, and maybe other ones later.

  • Solving the refugee problem

    19 Feb 2015

    Refugees and asylum seekers have caused quite a debate in Europe in recent years. Asylum seeking has replaced the refugee system in practice – asylum seekers skip the refugee camps and travel across the Mediterranean by boats, some of which sink on the way.

  • Nimikirja.fi: How to name a baby?

    06 Dec 2014

    That is a tough question. I found it so difficult, that I created a web service for the help: nimikirja.fi.

  • DerbyJS

    01 Nov 2014

    DerbyJS is a full stack Node.js framework that I’ve been playing with. It has a lot of things you would want from a framework, most importantly a server side/client side rendering and routing (with the same JavaScript code!) and live data bindings to HTML templates.

  • Vääräjärvi

    11 Apr 2014


    Vääräjärvi, a lake in Nuuksio national park, Finland. On Flickr.

  • Hello, world!

    03 Jul 2013

    A new site, a new look, a new blog!